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Google Pixel XL Phone Cases

After a long anticipation, google released its Pixel Phones. Google’s brand new smartphones have a cool looking metallic design. It also features a pre
mium strong glass and big beautiful AMOLED displays. In any case the phone is out and we all are super excited about this.

Ringke FUSION Google Pixel XL Case
One of my favorite things when getting a new phone is choosing the accessories that I'm going to get in order to complete it. I imagine that for Google Pixel XL there will be a lot of new great cases and other accessories to choose from.

Here are my favorite cases on Amazon

3Tauri Thin Clear Google Pixel XL Case

It is also very important to provide this device with the best possible protection. This is not a cheap device and you probably want it to be safe and last for a long time.

When I'm choosing a case for a new smartphone I always go for the more known and experienced brands because I want my device to be safe and I don't want to go a long time without a case I can trust. After I do get a good case I start looking for other cases. I always get 2-3 cases for every smartphone I own.

As usuall Spigen provides us with some quality cases. If you look for them on Amazon you can find several stunning new models. I really like Spigen cases because they are stylish and protective. They don't make cases which are too bulky but their cases can always do a great job and provide you with excelent protection level.

One of my favorite cases is this Ringke FUSION Google Pixel XL Case. I love this brand and used many of their cases on other devices so I can definitely recommended this great protective case for the new Google Pixel XL