Tablet Cases For Kids

In modern days kids grow up with technology. They usually see their parents pay a while lot of attention to their smartphones or tablets and instantly get curious about the strange little device. I don't see this fact as a bad thing. Technology is great and it is going to be around your kids their while life so we want them to be interested and get to know it.

I heard many parents that they don't like the idea of giving their kids a smartphone or a tablet and I respect that but I don't necessary agree with that. We do have to be responsible of how, when and why why give our kids technology, but the idea itself isn't that bad.

When providing your kid with a brand new tablet might might want to take into consideration several things. The one that I want to discuss on this blog post is the safety of your child and the safety of the tablet itself.

On of the most important thing, In my opinion, when you are looking for a way to protect the device is choosing a good protective case. It is easy to forget that kids do not think the way adults do, we have different priorities and a different way of thinking.

Kids love to be active, they run, they can fall. They can easily drop the device. It is very important to get a case that can provide you with the best possible protection for your new Tablet.

Google Pixel Cases

The Google Pixel was officially released and there is a huge demand in different kinds of accessories for this brand new device. The new Google Pixel is not cheap and you are probably looking for the best way that you can protect it.
Google Pixel Case

Finding the best case for any device is a subjective thing. Everything depends on what you need, what is your budget and your own personal taste.

Currently, three are several great cases which are already available and we expect more cases to show as the time goes by. 

Here are our favorite cases

The cases above are great cases and were picked by their specs and previous experience with these on several other devices.

It is always very important to get a good protective case or a cover, especially when it comes to expansive devices such as this one.

Google Pixel XL Phone Cases

After a long anticipation, google released its Pixel Phones. Google’s brand new smartphones have a cool looking metallic design. It also features a pre
mium strong glass and big beautiful AMOLED displays. In any case the phone is out and we all are super excited about this.

Ringke FUSION Google Pixel XL Case
One of my favorite things when getting a new phone is choosing the accessories that I'm going to get in order to complete it. I imagine that for Google Pixel XL there will be a lot of new great cases and other accessories to choose from.

Here are my favorite cases on Amazon

3Tauri Thin Clear Google Pixel XL Case

It is also very important to provide this device with the best possible protection. This is not a cheap device and you probably want it to be safe and last for a long time.

When I'm choosing a case for a new smartphone I always go for the more known and experienced brands because I want my device to be safe and I don't want to go a long time without a case I can trust. After I do get a good case I start looking for other cases. I always get 2-3 cases for every smartphone I own.

As usuall Spigen provides us with some quality cases. If you look for them on Amazon you can find several stunning new models. I really like Spigen cases because they are stylish and protective. They don't make cases which are too bulky but their cases can always do a great job and provide you with excelent protection level.

One of my favorite cases is this Ringke FUSION Google Pixel XL Case. I love this brand and used many of their cases on other devices so I can definitely recommended this great protective case for the new Google Pixel XL

Should I just get a random cheap case on eBay?

You just got your new smartphone and you are out to get a good case in order to protect it. Smart move Amigo! the new iPhone is ridiculously expansive and it is very important to keep your "investment" safe. There are quite a lot of different out there, some of them are good and some are plain horrible.

Picking a random cheap case on eBay is a bit of a gamble. I did it myself several times when I was in a hurry and just wanted to get a protective case fast and cheap. Some of the cases I got weren't bad for the price and did a decent job protecting my precious devices, but I always ended up getting a strong, solid and well tested case.

As I wrote before, there are a lot of different cases out there and if you are looking for a good one you better read the reviews. Try to go over as many reviews as you can and see what real people are writing about the case you are about to get.

You never know, you might just get a good deal after all, but if you had the funds and the time, you should always go for the well known, well tested case. This is the easiest way not to get disappointed.

Why You should trust our recommendations?

On this blog we are going to write mainly about smartphone cases and recommend you different protective cases and accessories for different devices. Smartphones, tablets, PC's and more. On this post we want to tell you why you should trust our recommendations and what we are going to base them on.

Protective cases for different smartphones have evolved greatly over the past years and today you can find a huge selection of cases, screen protectors, different kinds of covers and more. The selection is huge and the price range is overwhelming as well.

We have a deep experience using different kinds of protective cases and we always try to base our recommendations of true experience and test with the cases that we advice you to get.

Over more, before giving you advice about the different protective cases and accessories on this site, we always do our research by going over the full specifications of the product and trying to find what materials is it made of, what benefits you can get by using this case and if this product is going to give you a value for the money.

Why I Like To Use Wallet Cases

I have been using wallet cases for many years and I witnessed their steady growth both in popularity and in quality over the years. Not so many years ago when smartphones were still new and people were just getting to know them, cases of different kinds and types appeared in order to help with a new issue that accrued. Smartphones were much more expansive than ordinary phones and they were also much more delicate. They had to be protected and taken care of.

Smartphones were always gentle and delicate and once you decided that you want to provide it with some sort of protection, you faced two main options. The first option is getting a thin case and risking that this case won't be strong enough in order to provide you with the protection that you are looking for and the second option that you faced was to get a big, bulky and strong case that, hopefully, will protect your device against anything.

Wallet cases weren't even an option. They were big, bulky and not so pretty. They weren't elegant (to say the least) and they didn't provide us with the so much needed protection.

Even to top that, their main functionality and advantage, the wallet capabilities, wasn't perfect. I have used several cases where the slots and pockets just weren't good. They were small, ugly and not useful at all.

Today this is all different

Wallet cases for many different smartphones today are the complete opposite than what they used to be. They are fashionable, strong and very useful. They are perfectly made and they are usually can be something they you can be proud of. Their quality is superb.

Of course not all cases are great but if you look on sites like Amazon or eBay, you most probably will be able to find some great wallet cases for your device.

If you are not into wallet cases and want to see some of the best cases that available today for iPhone 7, you can try this blog post: Best iPhone 7 Plus cases

Best iPhone 7 Plus Case

 Otterbox Defender Series Case for Iphone 7 plus.
On this blog post we are going to look for the best iPhone 7 Plus Case. Yes, I know that "best" is very relative, especially when it comes to smartphone cases. There are many different firms and case manufacturers, There are many different case categories and the price range is wide so finding the absolute best case is not an easy task, however, we will try and find some of the best cases by different categories.

If you are interested in the best Wallet Cases for iPhone 7 you can check out our blog post on the best iPhone 7 Wallet case.

When it comes to choosing a case, most people are going to look for the best possible protection level they can find. This is the right logic but there are many protective cases and they come at different prices.

If protection is what you are mainly after, you are probably looking for the Otterbox Defender Series Case for Iphone 7 plus. The Otterbox series cases, without any doubt, will provide you with top protection level and keep your device safe. and as we all know, keeping an iPhone 7 plus safe is very important because of its price.